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  • July 31, 2014

The Elliott becomes the Long-Term Care Home for the City of Guelph

MPP Liz Sandals is pleased to announce that Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care has approved the City of Guelph’s request to transfer their municipal Long-Term Care home responsibility from

Wellington Terrace in Centre Wellington to The Elliott Long-Term Care Home in Guelph.As a result of this change in long-term care support, Guelph taxpayers’ funding will now be directed towards The Elliott Long-Term Care Home in Guelph. The Elliott Community's CEO, Trevor Lee, expressed his excitement for The Elliott's new relationship with the City. He thanked the collective efforts of everyone involved in this long awaited achievement.


“I am thrilled that Minister Hoskins has given his approval to the City of Guelph’s request to move their long-term care home commitment from Centre Wellington to Guelph.  This is great news for the City of Guelph and the residents of The Elliott.”

-       Liz Sandals, MPP for Guelph

“The Ministry’s approval of the designation of The Elliott as Guelph’s municipal long-term care facility is ground-breaking. We are excited to see the results of our collective work for over a decade.”

-       Mayor Karen Farbridge

"This designation has long been a goal of both the City and the Board of Trustees of the Elliott Community.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the strategic business case that has led to this approval.  Strengthening an already strong relationship between the City and The Elliott, will help the Board continue to provide outstanding seniors services for the Guelph community."

-        Randall Wilson, Board Chair of The Elliott Community

“On behalf of all the wonderful staff who make up The Elliott Community, we are tremendously excited about this initiative.   This partnership will enable us to continue to provide specialized, quality of care to the residents that we serve each and every day.”

-          Sherri Enns, Administrator – Long-Term Care, The Elliott Community 

For more information, Contact:

Jenny Waterston

Office of Liz Sandals, MPP

(519) 836-4190

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